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• About Us •

Codecell was established in 2019 by a group of budding programmers who envisioned a platform where everyone could join together with like minded people and grow. Despite being a committee that is fairly new compared to many others, we have established a community of over 150 students and conducted our college's first Hackathon in our first year. Codecell helps you in introducing yourself to the world of programming and assists you as you code. You get to interact with other coders to grow your knowledge base and participate in coding challenges. During your growth as a programmer, we and your peers will help out in any manner possible by providing knowledge about topics that are requested.

• Upcoming Event •

CODERTINE 2020 - Programming Contest

RGIT Codecell along with CESS is conducting an online inter-college coding competition - CODERTINE on Codechef, where students will be provided with problem statements that will revolve around the concepts of Competitive Programming .

Date: 31 st October 2020
Time: 11: am to 12:30 pm (IST)
Platform: Codechef
Registration Fee: ₹50/-

Hackathon 2020

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